Astrology as a Horror Film

Astrology as a Horror Film

I’ve been working as a “reader” for more than two decades now, and I’m starting to get a clue that Astrology as a Horror Film might have merit.

Part of my job is to listen, both figuratively and literally. Over the last few weeks, what with what is going on, astrologically, I started to get an inkling that my day job is like a horror film at times. I can see that the protagonist, the hero, the anti-hero, the character I care most deeply about, my client, I can see that person headed into the forest, the abandoned farm house, the whatever-horror-trope-fits-best scenario. From there?

It’s Astrology as a Horror Film.

Amused these days, I used to be saddened when I encountered such suffering. I was, at one time, far more empathetic, too.

There’s always that cringe factor, like the cheesy Astrology as a Horror Film analogy? We can all see it coming, but when – fake – blood starts spewing? We still jump and shudder. Monster or mayhem? It’s obviously on its way, and yet, as a viewer? I still grimace, jolted.

Can’t say I didn’t suggest you not go into that abandoned warehouse, the haunted room, the place with the ghost. Nope, can’t say I didn’t try and warn you.

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