Spanish and English

Spanish and English

This article is about language. Spanish and English, specifically.

In my native Texas, especially my neighborhoods, as indicated by that courthouse tile? It’s always been multilingual. Spanish Land Grants, German settlers, English, Scotch, &c.

It was a dozen years back, one of the workers, technically, he worked for me, but I always regarded him as equal, I no better, as he owned his own business, living the American Dream, as it were. He was talking about his college-age kids, and his sons had asked not to learn Spanish at home.

One of his sons graduated from, I think it was St. Ed, in Austin, and the kid’s degree was International Business.

“Dad, why didn’t you make us learn Spanish at home?”

At the time, my buddy? He shook his head, “They didn’t want to be labeled as ‘Mexican.’ Asked not to speak Spanish at home. Refused.”

Spanish and English

Language notes? Just in English?

And in the very pangs of death he cried,
Like to a dismal clangor heard from far,
“Warwick, revenge! Brother, revenge my death!”
So underneath the belly of their steeds,
That stain’d their fetlocks in his smoking blood,
The noble gentleman gave up the ghost.

    Richard in Shakespeare’s Henry 6 pt. 3, 2.3.22-

First appearance of the term, “Gave up the ghost.”

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Burro Alley

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