Old Tricks

Old Tricks

It’s a deceptively simple notion, the trick with toiletries, keeping a bag packed.

In a tailer park in South Austin, “back in the day,” I spent the better part of a decade – or more – with a single, now very beat up, suitcase that stayed packed.

It was, and is, one of my best successful habits.

Very simple notion, when I land at home, the first – sometimes second – gesture? Unpack the dirty clothes, empty out the tools and toys, and pack again, so I can remember all that stuff I forgot. More than just toiletries, though, for me. While I carry very few “expendable” supplies, I refill those items. Usually, a dozen or so blank CDs, business cards, and sometimes, a new sharpie. I got through very little else. One occasion, I forgot the correct power adaptor plug, so as soon as I got home, I made sure that was back in the travel gear.

Starting in August, I’ve back to a semi-regular schedule at the rock shop in Austin.

I keep my daily carry slimmed down for that, as I really only need a phone, business cards, tarot cards, and the laptop, with just enough wires to plug that in, although, concievably, I could just run on battery power the whole time. While not required, I’ve been using an iPad, too, mostly for wesbite tweaks and images, but that shouldn’t be required.



Nature’s Treasures in Austin


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