Reading Books

Reading Books

While at the big bookstore in Dallas, one slim volume I picked up is from an occasional favorite writer, Nick Hornby, called Shakespeare Wrote for Money.

It’s a 2008 imprint, presumably not a great seller, as it is more a collection of columns, collated, curated, and otherwise poached, then perched, in one spot, about what books the author was buying, and then, what he was reading, at the time. Purchases and reading material don’t always coincide.

For some time, I kept a “reading list” with all the books I read, and typically, it was running at 50 or more books in a single year. As I’ve aged, my tastes are more refined. I don’t like all of Nick Honrby’s novels. Some of them didn’t sit well with me. Eventually, I wandered off and found other writers, but to be sure, the English do English better than most. I might be biased.

His wry observtions and plot devices, early on? Thrilled me. His witty bits about books and other authors? Again, thrills me.

Shakespeare Wrote for Money

“And that, of course, is the danger of self-deprecation: its avoidance of that reality” (page 21).

“The other day I was in a bookstore flicking through a book called something like 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die (and without naming names, you should be aware that the task set by the title is by definition impossible, because at least four hours hundred of the books suggested would kill you anyway), but –” (page 49)…

“Thank heaven for punk. And Abba.” ( page 65)

Reading Books

It’s a book about reading books. I’m unsure I grasped a running joke or two, but as a whole, I picked up maybe a half-dozen titles to check out –

“As far as I can tell, I’m supposed to a Boomer, but I was twelve when Woodstock took place, nineteen when Anarchy in the U.K. was released, and always felt closer to Johnny Rotten and everything that came after than to David Crosby” (page 98).

That passage reveals more about generations than anything else. Part of my “Pluto in Virgo” grouping, no doubt.

Caught an image of the book itself.

Reading Books

Reading books is an integral part of a continuing education. Makes for better horoscope, too. Always have room to improve.

I always have to learn new stuff, paving the way for a richer experience.

Shakespeare Wrote for Money

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