Heavy Weather

Heavy Weather

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Dear Family and Friends;

My Sister used to live in Oakland, less than a linear mile from a point where three tectonic plates merged. She lived, almost on top of, three fault lines.

My mother and father chose to stay in that southern tip of Tornado Alley.

Choices. We all got choices.

I decamped a trailer park in South Austin moving, in a general direction of, closer to the coast without actually living on the edge of the Gulf. Out of Hurricane Alley.

No tornados. No (big) earthquakes. A really loud low-rider generates more ground-shakes than any of the tremblers we’ve had.

Because of the suburban and urban infill, the drainage is poor, true. However, this current residence is near the top of hill, so yeah, I’m safe.

Peace Out,

Kramer Wetzel

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