Sagittarius Capricorn

Sagittarius Capricorn

The first time I encountered a Sagittarius Capricorn, it was a buddy’s kid. Looking at her lanky frame, even as a child, and her sprite-like demeanor, I just figured her as Sagittarius, through and through. The sidenote to that? Be the bane of her daddy’s existence, like that. Those Sagittarius women, real heartbreakers. Every last one.

Watched her grow up and one morning last week, I was in diner-like restaurant where she was a server. Pretty cool. Made me recall parts of her chart, and then recall parts of other recent charts, all Sagittarius with boat-load of Capricorn. Speaks to a generation, or rather, a ‘generation within a generation’ as it’s a narrow framework.

The little Sagittarius part of that chart, that’s wholesome and carefree, but ladle enough Capricorn onto it, there has to be a day job. Earning income, even if it’s at a giant megolithic type company, shoveling processed food.


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