How to Use These Horoscopes

How to Use These Horoscopes

Legitimate question, How to Use These Horoscopes, the question, as it arises every so often. I once wrote about clarity, same concept, revisited, almost seven years later.

With that as a question, How to Use These Horoscopes, what the new and improved answer?

There was one place with a funny video about how to use a coffee mug. Simplistic material, but in these times, not such a bad idea. What should be obvious? It isn’t always so clear.

Not long ago, a regular wrote in, and I’m not going to quote exactly, but it was something like, “I can usually get something out of what you write each week, but this week I just don’t get it.”

It’s OK, as some weeks? Even I don’t get it. Then, trying to make sense in our insane world? There will always be a week when nothing seems to make sense.

So to properly set up how to use the horoscopes, first insure that it is legal where you’re viewing the horoscope. Over 18, or whatever passes as “legal age” in local terms. There needs to be a sense of the absurd and a sense of wonder.

Sometimes, I can provide that, other times?

It’s up to the viewer to supply some of the missing elements.

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