Handmade Art

Handmade Art

An item slipped through my twitter feed, about a local group soliciting Handmade Art, submissions from local artists and artisans.

Perhaps a decade back, maybe even further, I realized a couple of titles that fit my work, artisanal, bespoke, custom-fit, handmade, all of that. Home-rolled? Not sure that last expression translates, as I’m unsure whether anyone recalls the difference.

Handmade Art

It’s easy enough to see that my work is similar, if not nearly identical, to handmade boots, custom fit, sure, there’s a pattern to start with, but after a point, it’s all done by hand.

I tried the moniker, “Boutique Horoscopes,” as well, liking it after staying in a few “Boutique Hotels,” or motels, really. The old focus group at the time, though, they didn’t really like the title, and eventually, I dropped it.

Discreet, slightly more expensive, but no two exactly alike? That’s what the horoscopes are.

Momentarily, I was flummoxed, as I realized that I had nothing I could put into the category as a submission for an art project; although, what I do is an art unto itself.

Horoscopes are one-third science (where the planets are), one-third art (interpretation of meaning), and one-third magic (intuition). One-third life experience. To add to the confusion about artisanal horoscopes? One-third not good with fractions, too.

Plus a little creative grammar.

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