St Jude

St Jude

Previously, I’ve addressed candles, the local companies produce a myriad of these, and here’s what I’ve said, before, about candles and Mercury Retrograde rituals.

There’s a passing comment about “No St Jude candles.”

Why is that?

There’s a passage in the last Norman Mailer book I read all the way through, there’s a passage where character refers to “St. Jude as a patron saint of lost causes,” and the rest of the allusion is about how praying to St Jude turns a bad situation into a worse scenario, rendering untenable as a total train wreck.

So I tend to avoid invoking St Jude. Locally, this is also San Juan Thaddeus. Typically, a green candle, robe-draped figure, with a golden-hued medallion on his chest. Visually and viscerally appealing, but no.

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