Snoopy’s Pier

Snoopy’s Pier

Snoopy’s Pier, properly addressing its location, is at the northern end of South Padre Island, which is the longest Barrier Island in North America.

Snoppy’s Pier is a long-time favorite of mine

In the face of healthy foods, with the encroaching “civilization,” it’s a wonder that Snoopy’s survives, and even thrives.

They did start accepting credit cards in the last year. Other than that? Safe, reliable, food. The surrounding are cold and drafty in the winter, sultry with only token AC support in the summer, the bathroom has always been clean, but not exactly commodious, and the food? Always good.

What it lacks in ambiance? It more than makes up for with quality food. Just standard fare, nothing fancy. Perhaps some of the best hush-puppies I’ve ever had, but that’s an arguable point, and it’s a debate I’m not prepared to engage.

The secret to Snoopy’s Pier, the simple route for success? Good stuff, delivered the same way, over and over, without the frills and the fancy footwork.

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