8. Experiment

8. Experiment.

The List.

8. Experiment.

One of my books, most recent, was an experiment in fiction. I gathered up previous material, new, unused, plus underused, and pulled it together into a text. Good experiment.

It was an artistic success, and a commercial failure. In that collection, at least one story “pre-dates the internet.”

The trick is to experiment. Experiment with all aspects, whether it’s design, or in my examples, lack of design, and content, long, short, micro-short form, extended dance mix, from one sentence to novel-length.

From a single picture, to a whole series of images, in some cases, the experiment includes the story behind the image, or the story behind the story.

To be successful with the idea of blogging, there has to be a point where one experiments. Otherwise? Stale news.

To be a success at this? Experiment.