To me, E-Mail is the most convenient. If I really wanted to bother, I could trace exact locations – with the reverse being true, too. I can, ideally, pinpoint the address and location from which an E-Mail originated. The little numbers in the headers? All of that.

One signature file on my laptop reads, “sent from my iPhone,” just for giggles.

I maintain one contact page, and I have several sites that point to this page as my point – it’s how to connect with me – astrofish.net/contact.

E-Mail is my preferred method of communication. I can – and do – answer E-Mail quicker than the phone. Or text.

So there are several alternatives to the OEM (stock) E-Mail app that comes on the phone. There are several, and the usual tag line reads something like, “Taking Your E-Mail to the NEXT LEVEL!”

I read a review or two. I looked at the various apps in the app store. I realized that what I’ve got, and how I use it?

Works just fine.

Force of habit, but I tend to use the “single pane” arragment for E-Mail. Eaiser for me. In part, I maintain a couple of E-Mail accounts that I use much like a note pad or to-do list.

Which prompted the exploration into various “new and improved” E-mail packages.

Are they better?

I haven’t found anything that repalces what I’ve got, from ease of use, to plain functionality.

Mailbox – Dropbox

myMail – Free Email App for Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Live, AOL, Google Mail, MSN Inbox, Exchange – MY.COM

Sparrow – Sparrow by Google

Airmail 2.0 – Bloop S.R.L.

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