Astrology Transits

Astrology Transits

“What changed?”

Astrology Transits, predictions, heart, and the Near Death Experience…

The change occured some years ago, when I under the influence of a Pluto transit. Pluto, to some, is a harbinger of the dead. To be honest, yes, the Pluto transit did almost kill me, but no one told me I was almost dead. That first night, in the South Austin hospital ER, then a specialty care room? They forgot to tell me I was so near death.

Me, Mr. Happy-go-lucky Sagittarius, yes, I was busy trying to hustle a nurse. Must’ve been kind of funny, as I was so near dead.

That night, I had a powerful dream, or maybe it was a vision, and in more metaphysical groups, what happened would be easily recognized as a mystical experience. The dream-state image was me, being protected by some form of the divine. Call it what you want, I saw it in my dream; it was real.

Think I was in the hosptial, maybe, ten days, really weird blood thing, then as I convalsced back in Austin, my writing started to change. In additon, I added the “web journal,” which later became a “weblog,” which eventually bcame a “blog,” and that, in itself, spawned several books.

The turning point, the moment of inspiration, the event that changed, what it was, another “near death experience” for me, sure, but what changed was my writing.

Looking back, it’s easy to see that’s when I started, in earnest, to write from the heart.

Astrology is about choices. It’s about directions. It’s not always about that familiar trope, “I see you meeting a tall, dark handsome stranger. I see he will sweep you off your feet….”

I tend to employ fact, real-life experiences, and tiny tales to illustrate, I’d hope, with humor, the efficacy and most effective use of transits. I didn’t set out with this as a life mission, but like many of the events in my life, I fell into it, only to discover it was a true calling.

I’d like to think it always comes from the heart, but that’s not the case. Still, the original effort, the original goal, and the original intent? Make it come from the heart, or better yet, let it flow from the heart. Pluto was in Scorpio then in Sagittarius for some time. It fried all my parts. Not to give too much away, but Saturn is headed towards Sagittarius even now, and we all know what that means.

The dramatic event that changed my life, prompted or foretold by the planets? It’s a matter of listening to what the message is. In my own life, what I’ve done is learn to listen, to discern the movement, the urgings, and the directional changes. Not to fight with it, too, as that’s a waste of precious energy.

I’m a big fan of Western Medicine as that one hospital trip literally, saved my life. Straight-up, everything that is wrong with Western Medicine, treat the individual symptom, not the disease, treat the body, not the mind-body-soul? Worked. Twice now, it’s brought me back from the brink of death.

I’m also a huge fan of alternative medicine. Herbs, spices, massage, touch, energy work? Crystal crunchers? All of that. The Asian Medicine, of sorts, treats the whole body-soul rather than just treating an ailment. It’s a far more “holistic” approach.

Towards that end, I’ve got a couple of “Western” doctors I see on a regular basis, like maybe, every six months. Eye doc, skin doc, and the one who suggests a I get a flu shot every year. The regular doctors who keep up with my Western Medicine stats and standings. Normal stuff.

In addition to that, though, there’s a need to express and create, be in touch with one’s belief system in one form or another.

With astrology, I knew, before I went into the hospital. that I was experiencing a profound metaphysical shift, as foretold by my planets. I listened. I let the doctors do their job, then I started to do mine.

I have an honorary diploma that allows, legally, me to be addressed as “Doctor.” Legal? Yes. Honorable? That’s questionable, at best.

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