5. Ignore the Pundits

5. Ignore the Pundits

Seriously, 5. Ignore the Pundits.

The List.

The trick, with the web especially – everyone is both critic and expert, which can be a problem.

Target audience, demographic, and I wanted topographic, too.

Since this is uncharted territory – “Thar be dragons” – picking a direction is pointless . The web is a fluid and dynamic medium. As such? Respect the ability to change.

The first blog I did was astrofish.net/xenon, with its final tag line that evolved as “experiential and experimental” with fictional excerpts, book fragments and almost daily linkage.

The Internet has spawned a generation of self-acclaimed experts with no backing for claims of grandeur. With that in mind, this week’s expert is next week’s failure. In other words?

Ignore the pundits. Ignore the critics. Esepcially, be wary of “experts” who preach, but fail to heed their own advice.