Complexity and Simplicity

Complexity and Simplicity

It’s about Complexity and Simplicity, or taking a big problem and making it less of one. In part, this shows old hacking roots I may, or may not, have had at one time.

It’s a super-simple trick. I have an address set up in my phone’s address book, called, “Do Not Answer.” In the settings for that phone book entry, the ring tone is set to ‘silent.’ The vibration is set to ‘none.’ The secondary ring tone is set to ‘none,’ and the secondary vibration is set to ‘none.’

I got spam call the other evening, and all I did was add that number to the entry for “Do Not Answer.”

Super simple solution to a common problem in the modern era.

Take Complexity and Simplicity, and find the common ground. Technology is supposed to make life easier, not more difficult.

Over the years, I’ve added far too many apps to my various devices, which then, according to the way I work, always get backed up. So this next trick?

I deleted all the apps I had on my computer. Totally. Wiped them all out. Then I plugged in the phone and did “Transfer purchases.” Only have what I actually use. How cool is that?

My phone is set to a single screen, no swiping back and forth. Complexity and Simplicity, keeping it easier for me. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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