Artisan BBQ

Artisan BBQ

Had us some Artisan BBQ in San Antonio, other evening.

“I’ve been here for lunch, it’s different. Order at the counter,” and as circumstances dictated, cheaper, too.

Located in The Pearl, the formerly derelict and almost abandoned brewery, The Granary is artisan bbq, in the simplest terms.

Is it good? Just the traditional baked beans, kind of a side item that is always the same? Even that was excellent, there had to be at least two, maybe three kinds of meat, certainly some delicious bark, for sure, plus, two, three kinds of beans. Served on a butcher block, really reminiscent of a Seattle “plank” dish, the beans themselves were just excellent.

There was a single, medium to thick, slice of perfect brisket. Not too moist, but tender enough to tear apart by hand.

While no BBQ can be judged by the sides alone, it is an indication that this is BBQ that “has arrived.”

I’ve been eating, consuming, and critiquing BBQ for some years, always looking for good smoke. This was my first serious exposure to truly artisan BBQ.

For the price of one serving? I’ve fed myself and a date, in other places. Not condemnation, just an observation.

Not much later, for the same price, got a pound of brisket and racks of pork ribs at Terry Black’s in Austin, back in the old hood. Brisket was better than artisan BBQ, just sayin’.

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