Weather, Saturn, and Scorpio

Weather, Saturn, and Scorpio

It’s about the recent cold front, Weather, Saturn, and Scorpio. Really should include other issues, too.

On two ocassions, since last March, twice, three times to include the El Paso commute, I’ve worn long pants. Twice was for funerals.

Since essentially the beginning of last March, I’ve been in short pants. Sandals. Usually Piper Sandals, not that it matters, just an observation.

Rolled in from the coast with the mighty little hybrid car fighting a tough north wind. Cold, tough, strong, cold, bitterly cold, north wind.

Had some supper Tuesday afternoon, late. Fell into bed and slept like an angel.

Next morning?

Near freezing temperature.

What was amusing to me, as the cold dawn peaked out, clear with frigid temperatures?

Up rolls the bit about Saturn in Sagittarius. Perfect, just perfect set of punctuation to drive home the bleak, cold future that awaits Sagittarius.

Heralds a long winter.

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