It’s about the fact-checking site Snopes, and the questions.

I’ve used that site a number of times, it’s a quick source for debunking urban myths, and there’s an old tale, about the space shuttle, which sort of checks out. I used that as a way to illustrate the futility of battling a bureaucracy.

Who checks the fact checkers?

The problem, as seen with some Wiki entries, too, is the source.

So the question, as Snopes was once kind of an outlaw fact-checker of sorts, just handy for debunking Internet myths, who fact checks them?

Never had a problem, and frankly still like the style, and the apparent bias towards common sense which seems much less common, but who watches the watchers?

I fish and I write horoscopes. No one expects me to tell the whole truth. I do, but that’s only because I have porous memory.

I’m not clever enough to lie well.




“It’s Kramer, ‘K-R-A-M-E-R,’ no relation to the guy on TV.”

She looked at me funny.

Pink Flamingo BDay Card

Pink Flamingo BDay Card

1. Am I naked?

2. Is this my front yard?

3. Who are these people, and why are their necks so long?