Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius

What does it mean, Saturn in Sagittarius?

The hard facts are that Saturn enters Sagittarius almost on the solstice, and then jumps back forth between the first couple of degrees of Sagittarius and the last couple of degrees of Scorpio, for most of the next year.

In 2015 Saturn is in the first few degrees of Sagittarius with the last few degrees Scorpio figuring in for almost six months. The real dates will be reflected in the yearly overview horoscope, but the specifics of the overall sense, for the next three years?

One fishing buddy has a charming Capricorn son. Kid’s not quite two as of this writing. Like other two-year olds, the kid is a snot factory. Never having had kids of my own, this is all new territory for me. Among some of my fishing buddies, I’m a handy grandparent-like figure.

So when I’m in charge, it’s like this, I have to keep tabs on the kid at all times. Nothing bad will happen on my watch. I tend to stick like a burr to the kid, never letting him out of sight, much less earshot. Go to the bathroom? He follows me in. No privacy. I knew exactly what I was signing on for, this time.

Saturn in Sagittarius

At age 1.75, apparently, naps are frequent. When he goes out for a little siesta, I stay in the room with him. On one of my ambient audio files, I’ve got 30 seconds of that kid snoring, kind of cute.

When he wakes up, an adult (age) person is nearby and certainly within visual range. Not sure how important this is, but to me? It’s a task I take seriously. I had him passed out in his crib, and rather than wander off to waste time elsewhere in the house, I stayed in the kid’s room, overseeing the nap. Nothing bad will happen on my watch.

Growing up, it was my grandparents that I recall the most, old people who had time and patience for me. In the same way, that’s my job with this kid. However, it takes a special kind of perseverance in order to keep up with the wiles and non-verbal communication from a “not quite two-year old.”

Saturn’s presence in Sagittarius is going to require we pay close attention, like babysitting a little Capricorn fishing buddy. His daddy is my fishing buddy; I’m a mere stand-in for blood relatives that are, apparently, not reliable as guardians.

Saturn, like a “not-quite-two-year-old,” requires constant perseverance – non-stop attention.

One time, I set the kid down, he wanders off, I look at a message on my phone, I think to get a picture to send to his parents, and before I hit “send,” the kid is trying to dig the childproof plug out of a wall socket. I glanced at my phone for a few seconds. 120 volts, alternating current, cardiac arrest in seconds, and me with a “No, no, NO!”

Saturn in Sagittarius will stick something in our lives that requires absolute attention. That’s kind of the clue. The bigger problem – remember – I’m not blood kin? The bigger issue is not getting mad when the kid takes kid actions, like trying to dig a kid-proof plug out of a wall electrical socket.

With Saturn, attention vacillates, and we miss the cue.

When I could get that kid in his crib, sleeping, I stayed in there, phone or iTablet handy, but I stayed to watch over the slumbering, snoring child. It’s Saturn, just a reminder. Three years, more or less, starting in December. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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