Skink by Carl Hiaasen

Interesting read, fun bit of fluff with a recurring character I was glad to meet again, the “Governor.” I recall, reclining on the “couch” in a trailer park in South Austin, reading, I think it was Double Whammy, and scene where the “Governor” character pitted a large-mouth bass against a bass-fishing pro, and the fish won.

I can’t recall the rest of the book, something about environmental stuff, and the governor, he was an insanely interesting character to me, the perfect hero for the modern world. Maybe an anti-hero, as I’m not up-to-date on my literary terms.

A former flame of mine used to think I was like another character in the Hiaasen series, although, I can’t see it. Then, too, I might be too close to the subject matter, me.

As a native Texan, I’ve easily fallen for the “Whacko-Florida-Crime” novel because the insanity depicted therein? I see shreds of that every day, living in Texas.

Turns out that the novel, I read a library copy, but as it turned out when I looked on Amazon? This is part of a “Young Adult” series. Sort of worked, kind of a mild rating, but I like the young-adult material. I try to stay away from harsh language and suggestive situations. I’m not always successful, but even though it was a pretty bland novel from the harsh language and sexual innuendo side of life, it was exciting enough to keep me up past my bedtime one evening.

Let’s admit it: it was great to see the Governor back in action, too.


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