Why one should consider Journaling

In seven easy pieces.

Me? I was a “proto-blogger.”

Started with a single page off the website,, with I recall it, took a couple of weeks. Within a year, I was tied into the ‘net’ most near every day, uploading a snippet of code with prose loaded into it.

The original impetus came from fredlet, and that spun up into a loose affiliation with the Austin Web-Journalers, at one time, Austin Stories.

The original is still buried in the pre-Y2K archives, still on the site, someplace. Finally took form by the beginning of the next year, 1999. So I was on the ‘net’ in 1993/4, full-time in 1995, with the blog, on the side, format full-time since 11/98.

Six months after I started a, more-or-less, daily web journal, I was sitting in a SXSW workshop, and I found out I was “blogging,” then, a still new portmanteau. The whole shebang was less than a year old.

Been at this a long time, and, as always, this web journal is purely experimental.

Netscape is 20 years old. It was released in October of 1994, my first site was “live” before that, and I’d already launched material prior to Netscraper’s debut.

There’s no rules, other than to write daily, and there’s no need for plot, character development, story line, arc, resolution, none of that is required. This serves two purposes, in my mind, as a writing exercise, it is, just that, and as a place to experiment with words, and it does provide me with that.

Journaling provides me with a record of what I’ve done, too, so that’s handy, and the “web journal,” or “web log” format is easy for reference in time and space.

Ideas, material that can’t otherwise be developed, and a written record for myself. My experiences, real and imagined.

The constant is journaling, and as I heard one Texas writer explain, “Trying to make sense of life by wrestling words to the page.”

Another quote cycled through, “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comforatble.” (Ceasar Cruz)



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