Open All Night

Open All Night

With Mercury in Retrograde like this? Coming up? What we all need is a place that’s Open All Night.

There is a place, open all night:

More about it here:

Here’s part of the problem, and part off the solution: link goes here.

What the article sums up, the old way of doing businesss, wherein the individual merchant greeted the individual customer.

How I work, these days.

There is a two-fold approach: weekly e-mail notification alongside the weekly horoscope, and then, individual readings. I enjoy, mostly, writing horoscopes. That’s the third element, a short missive from me, each week. I’d like to think of them as love letters, but alas, not always.

Not long ago, I had a customer from years ago pop up. While I couldn’t recall specifics, once I looked at the astrology chart, there was a flood of information.

“Wow, thats’ what you said, last time!”

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