Fishing Limits

Good to know the new Fishing Limits

Monday is SEPTEMBER FIRST- FISHING LICENSES NEED TO BE RENEWED! Also the new daily bag limit of five (5) spotted Seatrout applies for all waters south of FM 457 in Matagorda County. This new regulation applies to all waters in our area and from Bay City (East Matagorda Bay) south through the Lower Laguna Madre.

Under that Pisces Moon, at the coast….

Bay view

Bay View

“So the situation called for brute strength and ignorance, a combination that usually gets results.”

Excerpt From: A. Bertram Chandler. “To the Galactic Rim.” Baen Books, p. 510.

To the Galactic Rim – A. Bertram Chandler

It was supposed to be a half-day fishing trip, not too much time on the water as I had business friends from Austin, well, visiting. Interesting trip, as the “Devil beats his wife with a silver chain,” rain, with the sun shining, and fish everywhere, just not on my line, at first.



I did catch a couple of undersized Reds, full of Full Moon fight, and they felt huge. One did, anyway, “That’s got to be a keeper!”



Not at 17 inches.

Had majestic Blue Heron do some kind of shallow water dance routine, and I caught a shark, no jokes about professional courtesy, and no pictures, but the “Flight of the Hummingbirds,” think Flight of the Bumble Bees, as at least a half dozen swooped low to check out the bright bill of my fishing hat.

It was a great day on the water.

Good to know the limits.

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