Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius Saturn enters the tropical zodiac sign of Sagittarius December 23, 2014 and turns east on “Pie Day,” 3.14.15, re-entering Scorpio June 13, 2015, going direct August 1, 2015, and re-entering Sagittarius September 17, 2015 — exiting December 2017.

What comes with Saturn in Sagittarius?

What areas need attention, and what arenas in every day life need to be addressed by this Saturnian influence?



One item that will see new scrutiny is “Citizen Journalism,” the catch phrase used to be, “I read it on a website so it has to be true….”

Saturn in Scorpio was largely concerned with privacy, and online privacy an even bigger deal — it’s OK my Scorpio — you secret ID is safe with me.

Judicial, university, higher education, and a personal favorite? East meets West spirituality.

The question of “spirituality,” and I’ve summed that up before as with a simple divide, “Faith is dogmatic while spirituality is experiential,” that facile summation brings bigger point into focus, now. Those born with Neptune in Sagittarius, 1970-1984, that Saturn will line up with that Neptune, sooner or later. Odd, too, as the last part of that demographic is just now getting out of a Saturn Return.

There will a tone in the early stages of this Saturn trip, as Saturn squares Neptune. As a Sun Sign Sagittarius, I’m looking forward to that one as old ideals get smashed. Saturn and Neptune do not play well together. Illusions shall be ripped asunder.

The first half of Sagittarius feels the impact of old Mr. Saturn the strongest, in the next year, year and half. It’s about growing up. Saturn can be seen as a limit, but limits aren’t always bad. The purpose of Saturn’s limitations is to serve as illumination of what’s most important.

I’ve said it before and I’ll reiterate the message again, hard work, due diligence, assiduous attention to mundane details, not all Sagittarius strengths, that will eventually rewarded. Saturn just makes us earn those rewards, not like Jupiter, which makes it seem freely given.

Buried in the fine print, and the story behind the expression, “Wet Fuel Cell DO NOT REMOVE,” is covered elsewhere, but the idea is sound.

The expression was on the wing of the planes I used to ride around. The last time I was on one of the older model 737, the “wet fuel cell” warning had been placed with a sealed hatch plate and a simpler, “NO STEP.”

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