No Service

What a gorgeous sight, the little tag on my tablet, it read, “No Service,” with resonant image. Yes, the rental had WiFi, but who cares?

No Service means that, on this side of the hill, a sleepy little surfer’s village, there is no meaningful way to connect to the outside.

San Francisco proper is not 20 miles, as the crow flies, but the federally protected lands, the harsh environment, and the “blasted heath” look?

Could be miles and miles from anywhere.

No service

No service

No Service?

No service. For Reels.

The bigger problem with “No Service” is that the administration of certain web files, like last week’s audio-video message, the whole thing got hammered.

Lost in translation. Looked good in preview mode, and I left town without all my hardware. Doesn’t require much, but it does require more than I brought with me.

Which could be construed as the problem with “no service.”