Hacking the Higher Mind: Audio File

Hacking the Higher Mind: the Audio File is a little present I cooked up in my secret lab. It’s a very simple mp3, less than 9mb in size, so a relatively small file, by current standards.

I’ve been looking for something I can do, I want something portable, easy to tote, that works on planes, trains and even when I’m stationed at Nature’s Treasures in Austin, with an idea that springboards from a decades old idea for “How to Meditate.”

Picture this: download the audio file — put it on a phone, an iPod, your iPad, whatever, computer. Anything. MP3 file, totally portable. At under 9 megs, small, too, relatively.

Here’s what I do, like, at Nature’s Treasures in Austin, I’ll hit “play,” for the file, then, close my eyes, and sit there, quietly.

Badda-bing, badda-bong, then 9 minutes of silence. Followed by three more tones.

What this is? It’s free, no complaints there, but it’s about Secular Buddhism, or Mind-Hacking the Higher Mind, or any one of a number of different names for this game.

As a “Western” person, there’s not a contemplative, mindful-meditative background in my genes. As I’ve described earlier, I arrived at my current ability to meditate, pretty much daily, from a variety of sources.

The audio file is from years, several years, of experiments and study. It’s a simple task: close the eyes, sit or rest comfortably, and “listen” to the audio file.

There is no music. There is no noise, not even white noise. However, the act of putting on the headphones, popping earbuds in, dialing it up from the random playlist and sitting, quietly for 9 minutes? In the accelerated, heightened, augmented reality — the web can answer almost any question — there’s still a need for meditation. It’s what the file does, a 9 minute timer. Cutting transcendental mediation in half, yet rendering this for a computer, it works.

Those are Tibetan Bowls used for the opening and closing tones. I don’t get quite the same vibration as I do at a zen center, but in our hyper-accentuated, altered-interconnectedness? Use what we can, right?

Download the file, pop it on player and give it a spin.

Hacking the Higher Mind: the Audio File leads to this, a single file, an audio mp3 single file.


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