Like, a Million Ways to Die in the West

Like, a Million Ways to Die in the West is a Seth MacFarlane “film.” Since, as an artist, his primary medium has been cartoons, there’s a very cartoon feeling to this film.

All in all, good, if slightly vile, fun. Near excellent.

Filmed mostly in Northern New Mexico, set in Arizona in 1882, it’s a combination of pastiche and homage to the great westerns. Bonus: it continues to list all the ways to die in the Old West. What great fun.

Like, a Million Ways to Die in the West

There’s an echo, in my mind of Blazing Saddles, and at least one other comic western I can’t name because I can’t think of its name.

There is a fistful of cameo roles, and Liam Neeson is outstanding. Not a lot of reality, but then, as I’ve often observed, “Reality is over-rated.”

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