Jump Street

Jump Street
I have no recollections of the TV show, 21 Jump Street. Over the years, I’ve garnered vague allusions and built a semi-literate understanding from the cultural context, but no, I haven’t even bothered to watch the reruns on Netflix.

The key to making a good movie from a TV show, it’s the same device used to make a good sequel. The correct way to do it?

“Same shit– recycled!” Ice Cube in 21 Jump Street (movie).

Same thing, same tropes, same buddies, same lame-ass story, same EXACT plot, recycled. Makes 22 Jump Street perfect. Perfect vehicle, perfect set of insider jokes, perfect amount of stupid crap blowing up, and, of course, plenty of puerile penis jokes.

Ice Cube is way cool, and any show is further enhanced by watching it at the Alamo — lots of fun previews.

Early on, there’s a visual, “23 Jump Street Condos coming soon!” as a clue, right?

The clincher, wait for it, the denouement? The previews at the end of the show. Sequels to sequels, ad infinitum.

The only criticism? More car chases and more things that blow up. Is that too much to ask for?

22 Jump Street at the Alamo, now.

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