Jimmy Buffett in Austin

Jimmy Buffett in Austin
Boat Drinks and Fruitcakes!

You Had to Be There: Recorded Live – Jimmy Buffett

A-1-A – Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett

Parrot Head Show Time:
Subtitle: That was fun!

Each show is a little different. I missed Austin last year, apparently a sodden mess, but I caught him in Vegas, and this year, Austin was a free weekend.

Spurious notes? Drunk, white people really can’t dance. Show was varied, and the sound check wasn’t too good, not from my seat, but it was a solid show, and then, on the encore?

The band played a speeded up version of Scarlet Begonias, you know, Grateful Dead?

That was just awesome. Amazing. Great experience. The Austin race track seems to be a nice venue, too. Plenty of parking.

In the stage banter, Jimmy Buffett did his version of Formula One racing, “woooown.”

That’s it.

As the opening bars of Scarlet Begonias started, there was the unmistakeable aroma of skunk, wafting on the air.

Right on.

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