Dear Karma

Dear Karma Xmas egg

Breakfast in El Paso:
Typical, working breakfast: three cheese enchiladas, fried egg on top, and slathered with both red and green salsa.

“Red or Green.”



“Both: red and green.”

Excellent presentation.

“I finally struck out for El Paso, two hundred miles over a dry, waterless plain, and another hundred up the Rio Grande valley, making three hundred miles in all.”

Excerpt From: Chas. A. Siringo. “A Texas Cow Boy / or, fifteen years on the hurricane deck of a Spanish pony, / taken from real life.”

“To live with the gods.” And to do that is to show them that your soul accepts what is given and does what spirit require — the spirit God gave each of us to lead ad hide us, a fragment of himself. Which is our mind, our logos.
Marcus Aurelius, “Meditations,” Book V, #27

Marcus Aurelius

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