Astrology Lesson: Cusps

Astrology Lesson: Cusps

The myth of the cusp, as in, “I was born on (date), so I’m a (insert sign here), right?

All depends. All depends on one’s placement here on the planet (Planet Earth).

Alluded to in a recent horoscope, and covered in detail in Bare Foot Astrology, the “cusp” is a term that’s frequently bantered about, and in my understanding, and what I try educate folks about, the “cusp” is a faulty myth.

There is no “cusp.”

“I’m a (insert sign here), born on the last day, so I have some (sign preceding or following) in me; I’m more like (that other sign).”

Actually, no. In the heart of hearts, the sign is what you are. Folks born at the extremes, close to the cut-off dates, like, each sign is 30 degrees, so people born at 1 or 29 degrees embody the very essence of that sign.

Why it’s important to have a real astrologer do a chart? The “inner planets,” Venus, Mercury, those two are always close to the Sun’s position, relatively speaking, so those two can easily be in adjacent signs.

“But I think like a (next sign over), instead of (sun sign).”

That’s because Mercury — the thinking part of a natal chart — is in the (next sign over).

Over the years, as a practicing astrologer, I’ve grown to trust my software, mostly one program — Time Cycles — but I’ve tried a number of other options. I was toying with one chart, without getting up to fact-check, and I couldn’t remember the exact time of birth.

iPhemeris – Clifford Ribaudo

This one chart, it’s a perfect example of the fallacy of the “born on a cusp”situation. Before noon, same Moon Sign, but different Sun Sign. Pisces before noon, Aries after noon.

Exact conversation, several times over:

A: I was born March 20, so I’m a Pisces, right?

Me: Nope, Almost one degree Aries.

A: I was born March 20, so I’m a Pisces, right?

Me: No, shows an Aries Sun.

A: I was born March 20, so I’m a Pisces, right?

Me: Not really, more like an Aries.

A: I was born March 20, so I’m a Pisces, right?

Me: No, see, a Pisces would’ve accepted what I said the first time and moved on, while an Aries would repeat the question four times.

(In that one natal chart? Mercury is in Pisces.)

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