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Baggage Advertising and Reading, especially high-falutin’ literary reading material, not much in common, but there is, sort of. When I did images of my daily carry and go-bags, I left out one item that appears in most of the other, similar images on other sites.

Most of the writers who describe their daily gear bags, most of those authors have a copy of The New Yorker magazine as part of the daily truck.

Interesting, certainly when one Young Republican had a copy as part of his daily gear.

@kramerw you both must see new Jarmusch flick ‘only lovers left alive’ for Bard + Detroit references, respectively. & + it’s rad.

Previously, here, here, and earlier, here.

Baggage Advertising and Reading — My late father started sending me the New Yorker subscription as an annual gift, and my mother has carried that tradition forward. As far as a magazine that has jumped into the digital age? Pretty good. It’s sort of behind a paywall, online, but it have access with a regular subscription, which, in turn, is cool. I tend to read the dead tree version, but I have, at times, perused the digital copy, as it’s occasionally more available, time and location depending.

That’s an example of the successful bridge between hard copy, dead tree world, and digital life.

Probably why the magazine is in so many gear bag pictures. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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