Road Closed

Road Closed and the current astrology transits.

The image is from the ubiquitous side-project, specifically, an image of a sidewalk closed sign. Broken down, a upside down, with an injured orange cone, all part of the scene. It was from a daily walk, a side street, sunny, spring afternoon, urban bluebonnets in the background.

At a meeting the other afternoon, client sidles up next to me, “So what does the ‘Blood Moon’ mean,” with the added, implied emphasis, “for me?”

The long answers requires an astrology chart. The short answer, though, is that it implies change. I’ve previously addressed this question, in a number of formats, over a number of years, not like this is my first attempt to get the message across to an individual.

Pay attention:

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The single image, rolled up at a time when it grabbed me and that image’s symbolism made the most sense, to me, about what’s occurring astrologically.

In broad terms, I’ve already covered this material. With that image, though, there’s a clear indication that certain passageway is no longer a viable route. If it’s not a viable route, then why continue?

I’m a guy, a silly Sagittarius, and I tend to push forward, hoping that I can make it through. My Sagittarius self will make it through, as I’ll walk around that sign and pick my way along the section of sidewalk that’s now all torn up. Slow going. Still, the Sagittarius part will make it through — maybe a little slower than usual.

The trouble occurs when there are Cardinal Elements parts, especially located between 10 and 20 degrees, especially around 12-15 degree mark? That stuff is lit up like fireworks. Or, like that sign.

That road is closed.

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