Sip — open again

Sip — open again

Aries boss man, “So what can you tell me about Aries?”

“No ‘off’ switch,” I observed.

“What else can you tell me? I opened this 2003, and I had the right of first refusal so, I’m bringing in single source coffee, eventually will have locally sourced salads and….”

It’s quality, third wave coffee with the single sticking point, from a purist point of view?

Using an Austin roaster, think global — roast local. Not grammatically correct, but who cares?

The “New” Sip looks excellent — smaller counter, concrete floor, industrial fittings, spartan, and utilitarian with a single, European serving size.

Artisan coffee, third wave, and if they really open at 6 on weekdays? A new ‘old’ coffee stop.

That first cup was amazing, first day it was re-opened? Artisan coffee across the street from Starbucks? Can’t fail.

It was one of the first in many coffee adventures in eventually moving downtown, into to SA proper, certainly a change from Austin, but as a native Texan, and as a frequent San Antonio visitor, it wasn’t too much of a change.

I recall, fragmented memories, of rising early to catch the train to Austin, usually a Monday morning in San Antonio, stopping first at Blanco Cafe (downtown) and then at Sip, long enough to catch a tall coffee drink I’d carry on the train. Pass out before the train pulled out of the station, wake up half an hour later, to see the suburbs floating passed, and drink the coffee. Hit the ground in Austin, short hike to the old trailer park.

Sip opened in 2003, what the owner Aries said, and that was the same year I ventured back to SA in almost a decade, for business.

Cycles, goes around, and comes back around.

Good coffee, so far.

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Bexar County, and San Antonio stereotypes that are true

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  • aimee fauci Mar 21, 2014 @ 14:24

    I keep hearing about SIP, so I must try it out! Soon!

  • Kramer Wetzel Mar 21, 2014 @ 19:34

    Seemed quite good, “Just sayin'”

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