The Family Crest

The Family Crest

An infographic about the contents of a coat of arms.

Of note, since I have a “coat of arms,” of my own.

With a real Latin motto, too.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!

The motto dates back to Bubba’s idea before he worked in a tattoo parlor. He verbally described the logo, as a crest, perhaps a heraldic device, as a cow skull, with crossed fishing poles, and that Latin motto, underneath it.

That was all the scenario as described. Artist’s interpretation yielded that image, used on the cover of the first book, and gradually, as a logo. Strange in that there was a Virgo from LA involved at the time. Just a friend, I don’t date Virgo girls anymore.

The funny part is how the phone has an antenna, which dates the image to period of time when phones had visible, retractable wires attached to the top end.

Another amusing aspect is the reversed Capricorn symbol buried at the end of a pole. One is obviously a Sagittarius arrow for myself, but the Cap’s symbol? A small reminder of the artist himself.

It’s a sign.


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