Cardinal Cross, Revisited

Cardinal Cross, Revisited:
New year, Sun moves in Aries, and where do we all stand with this one? The basic elements started out as just Pluto Square Uranus, but this gets carried away with Mars and Jupiter. As I was crafting the current horoscopes, I was paying close attention to what I see, hear, and feel from clients, readers, and correspondents.

As a check-up, maybe a check-up from the neck-up, it’s a matter of seeing how we’re all doing with this — frequently judged pejorative — transit.

It’s about changing, and as I’ve iterated over the last few months, this is about relationships. The Pluto and Uranus Square is greatly enhanced, with the message being made even more clear, with retrograde Mars (in Libra) opposed by Jupiter in Cancer.

This is an issue that either starts at home (Cancer) or finishes at home (Cancer) and home is a loose definition at best. My home is either Austin, San Antonio, or maybe along the bays on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Pluto Square Uranus is about taking charge of an issue and owning it. The next part of this, with tension from that retrograde Mars, maybe, let’s start at the top….

Mercury Retrograde last year, in Scorpio and Sagittarius, remember? In December, Retrograde Venus, then Mercury in Retrograde, then Mars, etc.?

This is check-up time. As Aries starts, as the Sun rolls into Aries, then forward, marching towards the Grand Cardinal Cross, this just shows us what needs to be addressed.

Aries is about “Who we are.” (Self)

Cancer is about “Where we live.” (Home)

Libra is about “Who we’re with.” (Relationship)

Capricorn is about “What we do.” (Career)

Everything is backwards?

With Mars, an active principle, backwards in Libra (currently apparent retrograde motion), a relationship sign, opposite Uranus, calling for unrestrained expansion in new areas, there’s a cautionary tale. Then, with this being a focal point with the rest of the square filling out with Pluto, that agent of (unavoidable) change opposite Jupiter, good luck and good fortune?

The promise is good, but the hard work must be done. Work hard towards those rewards. The month of April, from April First, onward, the cosmic joke? The area that “the cosmos” requires a participant’s attention? That becomes obvious.

Ask Saturn in Scorpio, hard work will — eventually — be rewarded.

(Hint: not irony!) (1)


Always looking for a solid summation: the Grand Cardinal Cross of April 23, 2014? What does it mean and what does it trigger in individual charts? What’s a simple handle for it?

Old computer term: RTFM. Read The Manual. The “F” is silent. It’s, like, French or something.

    (1) That link is about 12 years old. Still rings true.

    The problem with the inter-webz?

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  • theresa Apr 21, 2014 @ 23:43

    A celestial square dance…

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