The Barn Door

The Barn Door

Bexar County Line

Living in a culinary center like San Antonio, I get reminded that there is more to life than TexMex.

The Barn Door.

Had a steak the other evening, thanks to a Leo, one of the very best steaks, ever. Big, tender filet.

Just excellent, local steak.

Lost Art:
The pull quote got me:

    According to a 2012 article in the Houston Press, “When you want a science fiction movie adapted into a novel that might be better than the original source material, you don’t fuck around. You speed dial Alan Dean Foster and send the check pronto.”


In school, in Arizona, I had a chance to interview Alan Dean Foster, as I was fan of some of his works. Maybe not all, but there was some epic material in his canon, not to mention, other works.