Get It Done

Get It Done
There’s a sub-genre of software, mostly apps these days, that are targeted as “Get It Done” software.

Sounds like a Virgo thing, no?

Two apps come to mind as they’ve both languished on my devices. One I gave a fair chance to, and the second, not as much. Links are below.

I started to clean off the idevices, deleting apps I no longer use. Both of the task-manager, animated-list-makers, apps had to go. Both were free, and all I can honestly say, neither one is really missed.

Several sites, including ones I trust, had glowing mentions of both the apps, for “Getting things done.” Both apps are animated lists, essentially, check stuff off as it gets accomplished. A spin on the old list.

Weird, to me, as the swipe, wipe, tap, check-list? Way too much, and, as it turned out, not useful for my style.

The phone has a notepad, looks like ruled paper. I keep my lists, to-do items, all listed there. The phone has supplanted my little, ruled notebooks, scraps of paper wedged in between novel covers, and bookmarks covered in nearly indecipherable notations.

I wanted to like the task managers, the software that promises to make life easier, but so far? More time fiddling with yet another product that advertises a better life, but lacks implementation.

Taasky – Beautiful, simple and easy to use task manager – Cleevio s.r.o.

Clear – Tasks & To-Do List – Realmac Software

When looking at these apps, what I don’t understand, on the phone iOS, there’s the little weather app from Apple. Perfect. Or as good as it gets. However, for the iPad? No built-in weather app.

Best there is? Yahoo’s offering, turns out to be pretty cool, and a reasonably accurate as any — weather predictions in Texas are fickle at bes — who can be wrong that often and keep their jobs?

Yahoo Weather – Yahoo

So the best “Get it done” app, best “Shopping list” app, and best weather app for the iPhone? Just the built in, OEM software.

But on the iPad? Why Apple fails is a mystery, but that Yahoo app steps in nicely; however, that also illustrates a problem sites like Flicker… The weather app pulls images from the various locations and uses them, probably with no rent paid to the images’ owners.

Bexar County Line

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