Two Tales

Two Tales
Two tales of two books, the current state of publishing in a shorthand version–

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Image is a copy of the most recent release from Stuart Woods, another potboiler, formula, character who-dun-it kind of novel. For me, it’s a guilty pleasure.

Rundown of prices, as I thought I wanted this as true “airport” reading material.

Amazon, Kindle: $10.60
Amazon, hardback: $17.60

Apple iBooks: $11.99
Standup Guy – Stuart Woods

Stuart woods cover

Better yet, Costco, on the book table, like the image shows, $14.99.

This isn’t about the quality of the book itself, I like this material just fine, enough evocative description to keep me happy, and then, enough escape material to make enjoyable. Don’t begrudge me my books. It’s good writing.

The question was the prices, and various price points. Obviously, I bought a copy of the book. However, I’m also in line to check it of the San Antonio digital library because this type of fiction reads faster and easier on a tablet, at least, for me.

Last fall, maybe November? I paid full price, full retail for the other recent Stuart Woods book, and that total came to almost $30. That’s retail, at a big Barnes & Noble in Corpus Christi, full price, no longer discounted or anything.


Two Tales, part 2:
When I checked, the Man Booker prize wining novel by a young woman from New Zealand, her novel was $8.99 on Apple’s iBooks.

Amazon had it for $8.69 on Kindle, Hardcover price (retail) is $27, while Amazon listed it at $16.20.

Me? I read the library book, the digital library book from Bexar Biblio.

The Luminaries – Eleanor Catton

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