SA Bloggers

SA Bloggers
I’m in another blogger group, seems to be primarily San Antonio “mommy bloggers,” a demographic with whom I resonate well. I like the material.

With a (now retired) blog that’s been online for 14 years, I was part of the founders of the old Austin online-journal writers group. It’s about time I got caught up with San Antonio people.

My main San Antonio focus is simply a photo-journal, daily in execution for over six years now —

To introduce myself to the group, though, I need some kind of “street cred,” proof that I’m now “puro San Antonio.”

A single image should be sufficient proof.

As The Wheel Turns

Drive down, walk down in my case, South Flores, just a few hundred meters south of Downtown, and there it is, high in the sky, a giant wheel.

“Place used to be a retread store, we just left it up there,” the owner patiently explained to me, more than once.

As an image, though, it doesn’t exactly stand out, by itself, and nothing makes it remarkable; however, as any native will gladly point out, it is “landmark-like.”

It’s just — to me — a bizarre piece of urban ephemera, part of what makes San Antonio the place that it is.


Weirder than Austin, bigger than Dallas, and way more laid-back than any of them.

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