Five Dollar Water

Five Dollar Water
Most of my groceries come from either the various local Farmers Markets or the big box Costco. The regular 12 oz. bottles run around ten cents a bottle with Ozarka or other name brands running a few pennies more. I haven’t checked out Fiji water as that’s just too much for a bottle of water. Still, the average seems to be around ten cents a bottle, at the warehouse store.

Sometimes, an end cap at the local grocery (we love our HEB) will have some kind of discounted version, and again, ten cents a bottle.

High, clear, cloudless desert days, cold, cold winter nights with the wind whipping under the trailer? El Paso survival depends on two items: lip balm (generic Chapstick) and bottled water.

Flying out, the water was $2.99 at the airport, but to return? I bought a bottle of that expensive Fiji water. $5

It does taste better. Flying over the West Texas bend, I know Balmorerhea is down there. Couldn’t see it this time, but I know it’s there. The spring fed, WPA, CCC, New Deal park is that volcanic, artesian, spring-fed water like the Fiji water.

Expensive water.

Supply and demand, makes it more worth it? There’s no other bottled water available in the airport, not after passing through security.

Five Dollar Water.

I once conducted a taste test, already mentioned in a horoscope, proving that the color of a corn chip affects the flavor of the chip. Blind taste test? No difference. Eyes open? Difference in flavor.

The five dollar airport water, it’s just part of the survival kit.

Stupid, expensive Fiji water really does taste better.

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