In A Single Image

In A Single Image

Can a single image define a whole year? I wasn’t looking for a single image to help define a whole year, but I happened across an intensely personal image that does that, at least, for me.

Republican, Democrat, wars, bombs, death. Birth and life should figure in there, too.

That child is no blood kin to me — not by any stretch. However, as a practicing astrologer, the (cosmic) connections are obvious, numerous points intersect.

I met her, in this life time, when she was but a few hours old. She scowled, wrinkled her forehead like her mother, which I noted, and that garnered me instant disdain (from baby momma). However, when our eyes first met, she was like, “So. Dude. S’up.”

Her daddy is a fishing buddy. I’m an emergency, last chance babysitter. Works fine for her. Works fine for me.

The shirt I have on was a killer deal, like, less than ten bucks, on sale and then, on sale again. Great colors, nice pattern.

There are two more elements in the image, one — it is a recent shot of me, and two — it’s the only time that child has graced any of my sites.

That was a river walk trip, boat ride, tourist stuff. Still a big part of my current situation,, the attire, while there’s no fishing, it’s still an overly happy afternoon for me. Sums up many diverse elements, and as a simple way to seal the deal on a year end? Perfect for me.

The web demands transparency, and this is about as close as I could get without losing a fishing buddy, or visitation rights, etc.

If I could just get her to say, “Seriously.”

In A Single Image

In A Single Image

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