Pen is Retrograde

Pen is Retrograde
Can’t say the “Pen is Retrograde” snuck up–data has been available for almost a year, maybe more.

The pitch is simple: ninety-nine cents, less than a dollar, to pay for shipping and handling, hosting and bandwidth, really. There’s a short e-book, then audio, video, and best of all? A short binaural beats mp3 that helps with this unsettling planet placement.

I forgot what work went into that short audio file, a legitimate piece that would help with this situation. I tended to use that very file to alter my own thinking, as need be, in the last few days.

Pen is Retrograde:
Subtext: Use Other Door!
That’s obviously a reference to previously alluded to situation, and I watched, one more time.

I watched, as a guy walked up to the door, clearly marked with signs that say, “Door is broken, please use other door.” Three signs, with arrows, each one. Arrows point to the door on the left, it works. Guy walks up, trues the door on the right, looks at the signs and walks away.

“Door is broken, use other door.”


Couldn’t be more clear.

The other afternoon, I was chatting with a Libra client on the phone, and I absentmindedly tried the broken door.

Laugh. It was funny.

I looked stupid. Which isn’t much of a stretch, but there you have it. Pen is Retrograde.

Pen is Retrograde:
One of the authors I’ve studied, over the years posited the idea that in Meso-American (Aztec, Mayan, etc.) astrology/astronomy, Venus was the God of War, unlike my more familiar association with Venus being the “Love Goddess.”

Consider that I ascribe a benevolent feeling with Venus, and I tend to use the monicker and its concomitant associations, “The Love Goddess.” Works with my entrenched understanding of the mythos and essentially “Western” (Greek/Roman, Terran) astrological principles I tend to employ.

Looking at the Aztec Goddess of War, though, brings up certain associations. Who doesn’t have a lover that has incited fury worthy of biblical wrath?

Toying with that idea, an “East Moving Venus,” (Retrograde Venus), that could, easily bring up those bellicose sentiments. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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