Award Winning?

Seriously? Award winning? has been selected for the 2013 Austin Awards for Astrologers.

For details and more information please view our website:
2013 Austin Awards – Astrologers

Spam. Award Winning spam, but just crap, still.

Books — are now available in Austin, at Nature’s Treasures. See listings for details and location.

This link cycled through my twitter (@kramerw) feed, and I had a quick glance. Price jump? Susan Miller’s backlash from a price jump.

I found that curious, article claims she claims 400,000 words a year, in her horoscopes, and related writing. I’m much less than half that. I also don’t have a farm of freelance/ghost writers, making content for me. All original — way it’s always been around here.

Attempting to monetize and earn a decent income off of that is a challenge. True.

Very few “mobile apps” that I’ve toyed with have any real value, besides the obvious few like word processors and number crunchers. Most the apps are just gateways to the company/product.

In several cases, I’ve abandoned the app for a straight browser connection, BBC’s app, the media temple app, and the Mail Chimp app come to mind immediately.

In the last year, I’ve streamlined the backend on these websites, to the point that it’s a single, well-oiled host and system. Word processor to web, one action. I use either my various astrology programs to calculate charts, or, I can do it by hand, but let’s be honest, the chart program is faster and more accurate than any or my work by hand. Unlike some “modern” astrologers, though, I can assemble material the old-fashioned way. Then, too, there’s observation. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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