Wet fuel cell, do not remove

Wet fuel cell, do not remove.
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“Wet fuel cell, do not remove.” Always been a favorite, and now, it no longer appears on the wing of the older 737s that Southwest (SWA) operates. It did start there, and I have a sudden nostalgia for that single comment. It was on a riveted in-place observation and maintenance port on the wing. From the over-wing seats, it looked tiny, barely visible.

That single expression triggered a landslide and cavalcade of words.

“Wet fuel cell, do not remove.”

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Legalese, and stuff that sounded like legal jargon, that, eventually did get wrapped into a legal document. For reals.

Who knew?

Wet fuel cell, do not remove.

use stairs

Buffett from the Stage
Jimmy Buffett started to tell a Willie Nelson joke, had to do with St. Willie being 80, and playing in some dive, and Willie’s band was worried about the figurehead retiring.

“Retiring from what,” attributed to Willie, “playing music?”

JB reiterated the sentiment, in a candid stage moment. From that, JB swung into a tune written by Django Walker, Jerry Jeff’s son, and for some, the connection gets tenuous.

Jerry Jeff Walker — according to Jimmy Buffett — introduced JB to his now namesake brand.

That was 2002 – this is 11 years later? Django — much younger — was on stage at that gig, too. I recall him as a mournful Texas Country singer and now, from the looks of it, accomplished songwriter.

Songs From St. Somewhere – Jimmy Buffett

Seeing Jimmy Buffett — in Las Vegas…

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