Kyle Pie Co.

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Kyle Pie Co.

Kyle Pie Co.
For, like, forever, Kyle (TX) was a small backwater town south of Austin. Not much more than a highway sign, although, at one point, from riding the train back from San Antonio, I noticed a small coffee shop/bookstore. Used books, new books, trains, and coffee. Cats, too, if I recall. Perfect triple play of literary luck.

Distant Austin family (brother Sagittarius), he spoke of the place, “I saw it on the TV, food channel, said it was great. Maybe Rachel Ray?”

    I’ve watched Rachel Ray just once, and I could feign ignorance, but that’s not totally true. She took a can of biscuit (dough), a pound of bacon, and a bottle of maple syrup, combined the three ingredients, maybe there was a pound of butter, too. Tossed it all into a bread pan and baked. That’s all I’ll ever recall of Rachel Ray, but that dish alone sounds like she’s got street credit — even if she hosts a daytime TV show.

So it’s good. I’ve been twice thus far. Hardly qualifies as a thorough and scientifically random sampling, but the day before Thanksgiving? Line wasn’t quite out the door but almost. The staff was harried but bemused. That’s a good sign. My little Scorpio mum purchased a bunch of birthday pie, and the woman helping her, I ducked into the bathroom for a moment, asked about that guy who was supposed to carry my little mother’s stuff out. Me, in other words.

On the previous trip, I noted that I recognized that woman from someplace, but spend a couple of dozen years in Austin doing readings, at one time, Austin was a small town, and I’ve probably encountered just about everyone.

Feels that way.

Texas Pie Company, motto: Life is short, eat more pie.

There’s an enigmatic quality to a simple a food sign against a Texas sky, and just a few minutes down the rood? Herbert’s in San Marcos.

“Kyle Pie Co.” in Kyle, Texas.

Texas Pie Company
202 W Center St
Kyle, TX 78640
(512) 268-5885

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  • Liebe Dec 2, 2013 @ 1:19

    You take mom to the best places!!

    Xxxx leeetle sister

  • Kramer Wetzel Dec 2, 2013 @ 18:09

    yes, yes I do!

    Next up: Bass Pro Shop?

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