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If that’s not Mercury in Retrograde?

Attention reader,

It’s come to my attention that, while conducting some testing, a data entry oversight may have caused several of you to accidentally receive an email yesterday with the subject line “don’t miss out on the hottest deals”. (To add further embarrassment, it wasn’t even a very well-written email.)

We sincerely apologize for this weird, unintentional email finding its way to your inbox and for any confusion that it may have caused. Please be assured that your satisfaction is our main objective and this error has in no way compromised the security of your information. 

Again, on behalf of all of us, I apologize for the inconvenience.


High Heat:
A Jack Reacher novella
Kind of a fun read, a little more raw and slightly less polished than the usual “commercial grade” fiction Lee Childs writes. That being said, I’ve always tended to enjoy the Jack Reacher stories, fast, quick, keen eye for the correct details. Street justice works as well as anything else.

This is Mercury Retrograde?

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