Daisy Afloat

Rare that I stumble back across an old image that brings a flood of memories, but the one titled, “Daisy Afloat” does.

It was an early Bexar County Line (dot com) production piece, such as it was. What I liked, it was an image of single, colored daisy, floating in the icky green “Riverwalk” river. The bend in the San Antonio River that forms the fabled, storied, history (mostly myth) laden waterway that forms the original locus for the tourist trap.

As a pedestrian, there I was. Flower floating, clearly a dyed flower, and if I recall, it was cool spring day, although the publication date is August, I seem to recall taking the picture and feeling proud of myself. The camera-phone was a standard Nokia with a camera that produced a 640 x 480 (guessing) image. I then tweaked that in Apple’s iPhoto, cropping it, but not doing much else. The image was about the same resolution as it came off the original camera. This is before the camera race on phones got started.

It’s a reflection of me on the bank, in the murky depths of the river, about two feet at that point, holding the phone and pushing the button for the shot. Not a real “selfie,” as they are now known, but an early attempt to convey natural, perhaps unnatural with the petals’ dye, but what appears as an everyday object.

To me, it’s a classic as it captures so much in so little.

The image is here.

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