Saturn and Venus

Prince Hal
Saturn and Venus this year in conjunction! What says th’ almanac to that?
And look whether the fiery Trigon, his man, be not lisping to his master’s old tables, his note-book, his counsel-keeper.
Shakespeare’s Henry 4, part 2, (II.iv) line 110-1

Many years ago, I had an opportunity to see a father and son playing Prince Hal and Falstaff in back-to-back versions of Shakespeare’s Henry IV, both parts 1 & 2. I was with family, in London, and the theatre was the Old Vic.

In other notations, Hotspur was clearly played over-the-top. Sort of fitting for the character and role.

Saturn and Venus

In short, Henry IV, parts 1 & 2 are about what it takes to be a good king, what king-like attributes a monarch should possess. The scene is the Boar’s Head Tavern in Eastcheap, a tawdry side of town, think: Austin’s 6th Street.

It takes Venus about 260 days to orbit the Sun. Because Venus is between Earth and the Sun, as an ‘inner planet,’ its path is remarkably similar to ours. In short, Venus zips all around a chart, once a year.

More or less.

Really less, but the dynamics are not as important as understanding that Venus is a quick mover. Not nearly as quick as Mercury with his 88-day orbit, but close enough.

Venus will “conjunct” Saturn, in my shorthand terminology, once a year. The Venus-synodic period is just tad longer than a year, but as a thumbnail sketch, the mechanics are simple, figure, as Prince Hal states, “Saturn and Venus this year in conjunction!” Figure that happens every year.

I’d guess the author knew that, too, realizing it was yearly occurrence.

Borrowing from my more modern texts, when Venus and Saturn are conjunct, there’s the old-school problem with relationships. My version, my way of looking at planetary influences differs from traditional readings, as I don’t see Saturn as an obstacle. Weighty, yes, problematic, that too, but obstacle? Not always.

The almost annual Venus-Saturn conjunction is about realism, and realistic solutions to issues. There’s a tendency in my line of work to blame “karma,” or any other outside influence that can’t be controlled, like ex-wives and passed-lives. It’s less about “karma,” and more about having that talk. With Saturn factored into the fray, though, there’s a good chance that someone, I’m not naming names here, but someone will want to be serious and heavy in a discussion that should be, could be, light and airy.

Second date with a Capricorn, one time. “Where do you see this relationship going?” she asked me — only the second time together. Realistically? I was hoping for dinner, movie, then necking and since I was such a good kisser, maybe seeing each other naked at the end of the event. (The folly of youth.)

That’s too serious. That’s also Saturn (Capricorn) conjunct my (Sagittarius) Venus. Kind of put a damper on the evening.

Saturn can be quite serious, and at times, too serious. However, this is an annual event, more or less. So once a year, we can all stop, take stock, and ask, “Where do you see this going?”

Honestly? I was hoping for horizontal, that was about as far as I’d thought about it.

Full Moon over Bill Miller, and Half Moon + Jupiter against the skyline.

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