Lumpy Business Cards

Lumpy Business Cards

This short, keen observation about one kind of marketing prompted me to recall a tale about a lumpy business card.

My story starts here, as that echoes the sentiments of the lumpy business card.

The idea is something, some angle — in the first example — a car that is a conversation starter. What sets it apart. I still like the business card with a fish hook laminated on the front, the lumpy business card. It’s less about having a hook; although, come to think of it, that was possibly the hook in the Aquarius Horoscope, just as a further point of reference.

The closest concession I’ve made towards the lumpy business card is I prefer my standard card to be viewed in portrait rather than landscape mode. Old trick, learned it back in the second iteration of the bar days. Hint: there’s a subtle clue at the bottom of the page, just briefly.

The elongated view forces the mind to flip it sideways. The only problem I’ve ever really had has been none of the card holders serve that angle well.

Should a business card look like a business card, in landscape mode only?

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